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Arbitration Law

Indianapolis, Indiana, Arbitration Law Attorney - Personalized Legal Services for the Business Community

The lawyers at Ittenbach Johnson & Koeller are experienced in commercial construction dispute and securities arbitration. With 120 years of experienced combined between attorneys, we provide a high level of personalized service at a lower rate than most downtown law firms. To set up an appointment with an Indiana arbitration law attorney at Ittenbach Johnson & Koeller, contact our offices today. We represent clients in Indiana, across the United States, and throughout the world.

Securities Arbitration

We provide representation in securities arbitration proceedings, including proceedings involving broker-dealer disputes, misrepresentations, and other allegations of securities fraud. Typically, allegations of broker malpractice and broker fraud result from questions over whether or not recommended investments were suitable for the investor. We also handle broker-dealer disputes involving "churning," where the broker trades excessively to generate higher commissions.

Commercial Construction Arbitration

In commercial construction arbitration, we typically represent contractors and subcontractors in disputes with commercial property owners. Usually, a property owner brings a complaint regarding the quality of the work, alleging that the construction contract has not been fulfilled, and claiming they do not have to pay for the work.

In such a situation, the unpaid contractor is usually left with no choice but to resolve the dispute in arbitration. Arbitration attorney Bradford F. Johnson has extensive experience working with construction contracts, including work with the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

If you are facing a dispute requiring arbitration, contact Ittenbach Johnson & Koeller today for experienced, effective representation.